Use The Power of Your Mind

The mental part of golf is frequently overlooked. Golfers invest in expensive equipment and in lessons with a pro. And that's good, but your mind is a very powerful tool... we help you to use it and play at your maximum potential. 

‘‘Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind.’’

Arnold Palmer

Having troubles with your golf game ?

For over 10 years we are helping people to become the person they want to be. Rob developed Hypnosis4Golfers because as a frequent golfer himself he knows how your mind can affect your game. 

The pros nowadays already know the importance of being in the right headspace. They all have mental coaches and some of them found their way to hypnosis. Because they know that the most important ‘club’ in your bag is your mind !

If you want to work on your mental game or you want to get rid of an issue that is affecting your golf game: schedule a FREE video call with Rob and discuss the possibilities. No strings attached.

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What can hypnosis do for your golf game?

Apart from fixing your mindset or giving you more confidence hypnosis can achieve much more then you think and helps you in playing at your best. 

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Fixing Mental Issues

You are thinking always negative, you don't have any confidence in your game or you are suffering from the yips. No matter what your mental issue is, hypnotherapy can and will fix this. During a powerful hypnosis session we will re-program your subconscious mind to stop running to old pattern and we install a new program. 

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Improve Your Technique(s)

This is probably new to you but hypnosis can also help you to improve your swing or short game techniques. It is scientifically proven that you don't have to actually perform the technique to practice it. During a hypnosis session we can simmulate you performing a certain technique perfectly for more then 10.000 times. Enough to let the muscle memory kick in and to make sure both your body and mind are able to repeat this movement when wanted. 

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In Person or Online

A hypnotherapy session online is as effective as one in person. The advantages of an online session are obvious: where ever you are in the world, you still can book a session with Rob and work on your game. 

Rob De Groof

Hypnosis4Golfers Developer

Rob De Groof is one of Europe’s leading hypnotists and the owner of the very successful in Belgium where he is working together with 8 hypnotherapists in 3 different cities. As the owner and head trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy he has already trained a few hundred students in the wonderful art of direct hypnosis while teaching at his school in Belgium or while traveling the world. 

A few years ago Rob took up golf. As he already worked many years with (professional) sporters he wanted to use his skills to create a golf specific hypnosis program. 

Rob is also an official ‘Inner Game’ Trainer certified by Tim Gallwey (Author of ao. Inner Golf)

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